NEW Sidekick Satellite Wifi Router Now Available from OCENS

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NEW Sidekick Satellite Wifi Router Now Available from OCENS

Sidekick and Sidekick Pro extend access of legacy satellite phones to mobile devices

SEATTLE, WA January 26, 2016 – OCENS today announces the availability of the Sidekick Satellite Wifi Routers. Sidekick connects all of your wifi-­‐enabled smartphones, tablets, and computers to your satellite telephone for weather, email, messaging and more.

For most of their history, wifi-­‐enabled satellite phones have been few and far between. Connections were unavailable to smartphones and tablets and those to PC and Macs were made with an all too often cumbersome process of serial and USB cabling and driver install. Meanwhile, our world was moving in an entirely different direction. Smartphones and tablets were proliferating. Each one of those iOS, Android and Windows devices shipped with built-­‐in wifi capabilities to link their onboard apps with the internet for email, weather, messaging, gaming, and a host of other services. None of them offered any form of USB or serial connectivity.

The Sidekick now connects these two worlds by broadcasting a local wifi signal to connect it to your tablets, smartphones and other wifi-­‐enabled devices. In the direction of your satellite phone, the Sidekick comes equipped with USB and Ethernet ports to allow you to hook it to that satellite phone with a simple plug-­‐in. In effect, you’ve transformed your wifi-­‐less satellite phone into a wifi-­‐enabled unit now able to communicate with any of your tablets and smartphones.

All OCENS software is designed to communicate with the Sidekick. After auto-­‐dialing through the satellite phone, OCENS software connects to the Iridium, Inmarsat, Globalstar or MSAT satellite networks and processes your email, weather request, position report, text message or web browser connect. Press the ‘Connect’ button in the OCENS’ OneMail app on your iPhone, for example, and OneMail will auto-­‐dial through the Sidekick to your satellite phone, connect to the satellite network, retrieve your Gmail to the OneMail app and then  auto-­‐disconnect.

A basic and Pro version of the Sidekick are available. The Pro offers Power-­‐over-­‐Ethernet (POE) capabilities and adds an external antenna for extended range. Pricing starts at $99.

Sidekick is compatible with the following satellite devices:

Iridium: 9505, 9505a, 9555 and 9575 and Iridium OpenPort

Inmarsat: IsatPhone 2, Fleet Broadband, FleetOne.

Globalstar: 1600, 1700

MSAT: Westinghouse and Mitsubishi

About OCENS, Inc. OCENS data services, software and apps merge easy-­‐to-­‐use applications with unprecedented content offerings to affordably deliver data over satellite phones to remote users around the world. OCENS weather, ocean and         fishing services provide access to the largest collection of GRIB and classical data that can be found anywhere. Using patented pull-­‐me technology, OCENS WeatherNet provides fast access to the world’s widest selection of weather and ocean information over PC and Mac platforms. GRIB Explorer processes highly compressed GRIB information into unique decision products for use on PC, Mac or iPad platforms. MetMapper transforms static weather charts and satellite imagery into dynamic planning tools. OCENS’ iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry apps provide weather and messaging services to the smartphone community. Its SpotCast weather service provides multi-­‐day, multi-­‐point forecasts of weather and ocean conditions for any point on earth in a highly compact form. OneMail provides clean and quick access to your Gmail account through satellite connections. OCENS augments its software core with satellite equipment, satellite accessories such as the Sidekick satellite wifi router, and airtime solutions it provides in cooperation with all the major satellite providers.

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