NEWS – For Immediate Release: OCENS announces the availability of its new OCENS Mail service for the PC and Mac

NEWS – For Immediate Release

OCENS Inc., Seattle WA

Media Contacts:  Jeff Thomassen, 206.878.8270,

OCENS Mail from OCENS for PC and Mac

Mail service extends OCENS mail services across all platforms

SEATTLE, WA January 12, 2016 – OCENS today announces the availability of its OCENS Mail service for the PC and Mac.

OCENS Mail is mail with a singular purpose…to move your email as fast as possible. This speed and the key features of OCENS Mail are gleaned from more than a decade of listening to and building software and apps for satellite users…its superior design emphatically demonstrating that simplicity and performance can coexist with craftsmanship and personality. All backed by a company with an unrelenting and uncompromising commitment to supporting our customers.

The OCENS Mail program is using the latest versions of Thunderbird. But the integration is then personalized by OCENS to make the interface even sleeker and more simple to use. Any of our customers who want to use Outlook, their own version of Thunderbird or almost any other client for that matter can readily do so.

On the back-­‐end, the server infrastructure supporting the new mail is state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art. Features such as MegaMail for large file shunting, high-­‐level mail compression, mid-­‐file restart and webmail are all present for our users. Customers seeking a dedicated mail service for satellite connectivity enjoy an domain.

In addition to OCENS Mail, OCENS has also recently released OneMail and OneMessage for iOS and Android phones and tablets. OneMail revolutionizes connectivity while you are away by enabling you to continue to communicate on your mobile device with friends, family and coworkers through the same pathway you use when at home or the office—your Gmail account. OneMessage is the first satellite messaging app which allows private, real-­‐person to real-­‐person communication through texting. Furthermore, OneMessage brings state-­‐of-­‐the-­‐art messaging to the satellite user without the heavy overhead of the popular network-­‐based messaging services.

Above all, never forget that the service and support which has set OCENS apart from its peers remains the benchmark of this upgrade.


About OCENS, Inc. OCENS data services, software and apps merge easy-­‐to-­‐use applications with unprecedented content offerings to affordably deliver data over satellite phones to remote users around  the world. OCENS weather, ocean and        fishing services provide access to the largest collection of GRIB and classical data that can be found anywhere. Using patented pull-­‐me  technology, OCENS WeatherNet provides fast access to the world’s widest selection of weather and ocean information over PC and Mac platforms. GRIB Explorer processes highly compressed GRIB  information  into unique  decision products for use on PC, Mac or iPad platforms. MetMapper transforms static weather charts and satellite imagery into dynamic planning tools. OCENS’ iPhone, Android, Windows phone and Blackberry apps provide weather and messaging services to the smartphone community. Its SpotCast weather service provides multi-­‐day, multi-­‐point forecasts of weather    and ocean conditions for any point on earth in a highly compact form. OCENS augments its software core with satellite  equipment and airtime solutions it provides in cooperation with all the major satellite providers.



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