OCENS Services Summary

GRIB Explorer Plus for iPad: A decade’s worth of experience developing GRIB analysis tools for circumnavigators, expeditions and explorers is crafted into the most powerful yet easy-to-use iPad GRIB tool available for the everyday enthusiast. OCENS GE Plus includes the engine to acquire GRIBs through your satellite connection and melds acquired GRIB weather and ocean data into sensational images carrying unparalleled insights into the environment around you. GRIB data is overlaid on fantastic super resolution earth imagery for any location in the world. GE Plus enables satellite and wifi access. Go to App Store to purchase then activate a service account at www.ocens.com

WeatherNet 4+: Global coverage, award-winning design and the largest library of GRIB and classical weather, ocean and fishing data in the world all in one package. State-of-the-art compression routines and file transfer procedures to deliver data to you fast and affordably. Compatibility with PC and Mac and almost every satellite device on the market. Conventional and sat wifi enabled as well. Go to www.ocens.com/WeatherNet .

WeatherNet Pesca captures the WeatherNet engine and GRIB Explorer analysis package in a complete, one-piece Spanish language version.

GRIB Explorer for the PC and Mac: The most innovative and robust GRIB viewing and analysis package in the world. Layer GRIBs, animate, analyze in 3D, zoom, inspect through time with its Time Profiling tool, across your route with its Trip Planner and much, much more. Links to your GPS to plot current position on the GRIBs and provide appropriate range and bearing info. Go to www.ocens.com/GRIB_Explorer

MetMapper provides to your classical weather charts and satellite images what GRIB Explorer delivers to GRIBs. Interactive layers are added automatically to your WeatherNet charts to provide heads-up monitoring and dynamic analysis. Review text forecasts on-screen and juxtaposed to corresponding graphical charts. Process specially constructed WeatherNet animations that put these charts and imagery into motion like the evening news. Go to www.ocens.com/MetMapper

OCENS Mail is satellite email at its finest. Offline mail creation and reading. Auto-dialers to connect via satellite cabled and wifi connections and transfer your mail in seconds. Superior block file compression. BigMail filters and shunting. Midfile restart. Compatible with Outlook, Thunderbird, Eudora and many other mail clients. PC, Mac, iPad and smartphone compatability. Go to www.ocens.com

SNAPTrack is tracking made easy. SNAPTrack is OCENS response to the requests of many of our customers for a clean and simple solution to the tracking question.  SNAP shortens the path from where you are in even the most remote of locations to a screen that captures the ‘where’  of your wanderings. SNAPTrack is compatible with the Iridium 9575 and GO!. Just $10 per month for unlimited position mapping! Go to www.ocens.com/SNAP .

News, sports and stock market information compressed for delivery over satellite connection. Use QWIP to select the sport, team, stock or news category(s) of interest to you. QWIP auto-dials through your satellite phone, pulls the content you desire rapidly to you and then closes the connection behind it. Quickly use low-bandwidth connections or safely use high bandwidth ones to get your news, sports and stock info. Go to www.ocens.com/QWIP

OCENS Echo enables two-way private and personal text messaging to and through the Iridium GO! or G* Satfi/9600.  Echo is person to person, not person to machine like other satellite messaging.  This means your texts to an Echo friend dependent on satellite reach that friend and that friend only, not to the GO! and then to the first person who happens to link to the GO!.  Echo friends chat with one another in a personal manner knowing that their conversations are private and protected. Go to App Store

Conventional (Spotcast) and aviation (Flycast) weather delivered direct to your satellite device. Compatible with the Iridium 9575 and Iridium GO!, Inmarsat IsatPhone 1 and 2, and inReach SE and Explorer. 24, 48 and 72 hour SpotCast forecasts include temperature, cloud cover, precipitation, pressure and wind speed and direction. FlyCast includes METARs, TAFs plus aviation weather at your location. Go to www.ocens.com/spotcast

Voco dramatically lowers the cost of calls to satellite phones.  Voco routes calls through a local number then  to your satellite phone wherever it is in the world thereby eliminating the extreme rates home and cellular carriers charge to call satphones. Go to www.ocens.com/voco

Free Text Messaging to your Iridium with the OCENS SatMS app for your smartphone. SatMS eliminates high international texting service fees and messaging rates and allows any iPhone or Android smartphone to send text messages to your Iridium phone for free. Available on the Apple App store or Google Marketplace.

Via the use of a customized Firefox Web Browser and a specially designed fast web process, OCENS is able to reduce the time it takes to download typical web images by a factor of up to 10x. Users routinely see a 2 to 3 times improvement in download times when using XWeb. The fast web compression technology reduces typical pictures down to 5% of their original size dramatically reducing download times. Great for slow wifi connections in marinas, Globalstar connections and substantial savings as you browse with high bandwidth satellite. Go to www.ocens.com/xweb


For additional information don’t hesitate to contact OCENS at 206.878.8270 or email sales@ocens.com



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