WeatherNet Version 4.16 features Popular Products

Version 4.16 of WeatherNet adds the Popular Products feature to Portal and Library modes.

The Popular Product appears in the upper right corner of the Portal mode map and appears as a pre-defined batch in Library mode.

What are Popular Products?

The Popular Products (PP) button is a WeatherNet community feature. It draws upon the past history of requests made by the community of WeatherNet users for the area in which you are or will be working or playing. Popular Products is a terrific way to get to know the weather and ocean data available for a location which is new to you. For new WeatherNet users it is also a quick way to begin to understand the range of content available to you in WeatherNet. Since there is no fee until you have actually downloaded products which appear on the PP list, the list can get you up and using WeatherNet in a meaningful and productive manner in very little time.

How does it work?

When you click on the Popular Products button, WeatherNet reaches out and queries the OCENS Everon servers and compares your request box to requests for weather and ocean data made for the same or any overlapping boxes used by other community members in the past.  It produces a ‘Top Ten’ list of those requests and downloads the product names to your PC or Mac.  The Popular Product list is posted at the top of the Portal mode Content Tree (to the left of the Portal mode map).  Review the list and select none, one or more of its products for actual download.

Your Popular Product list is also preserved as a batch in Library mode. To download products in the Popular Product batch, Enable the batch first, then check the product(s) of interest to you in that batch. When satisfied, press the Start Transfer icon in Library mode to retrieve the Popular Products.

Whether in Portal or Library mode, the Popular Product list may include GRIBs, weather charts, text forecasts or any other product requested enough by the WeatherNet community to reach its ‘Top Ten’ for your target area.

It’s noteworthy that the request for the Popular Product list only downloads the list. It does not download any products themselves until you actually go into the list, check one or more of the product boxes and start a fresh Download.  Any Popular Products so checked will download along with other products you may have selected from the Content Tree.

The Popular Product list refers specifically to the geographic box you have drawn on the Portal mode map. If you change the location of that box, you must again click on the Popular Product’s button to get a fresh list for the new area.  Products selected and checked for one boxed area will NOT be memorized or downloaded later if you move the box to a new location.

If on a satellite phone, the request for the Popular Product list for your target box will consume some airtime.  Be sure to specify the Default Connection and Type of connection you will be using when you request the Popular Products before striking the PP button. You can choose those selections in your WeatherNet Account Control settings.

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