Motorcyles + Dirt + Festive Crowd = Adventure Days

I had the privilege of spending the last weekend at the RawHyde ranch in the foothills above Castaic, CA  for the first annual Adventure Days rally and and trade show. Adventure motorcycling enthusiasts are very familiar with the RawHyde ranch as it is the premier official BMW training facility for adventure riding. Jim Hyde, the founder of RawHyde, and his crew put together a fantastic and first of its kind event which forms part of long term campaign branded as ADV Life, and one that will greatly contribute to the growth of the industry and sport, unify enthusiasts, and connect riders to suppliers.

RawHyde Ranch

Adventure Days provided the following benefits to attendees:

1. A well attended rally with three full days of riding and professional riding instruction from the RawHyde staff.

2. A full schedule of classes on topics ranging from emergency bike repair, GPS basics, first aid and survival techniques (taught by Navy Seals, no less), international travel and logistics, and satellite communications among others.

3. An opportunity for riders to speak with core vendors in the industry, see and demo new products, and even have their bikes inspected and fitted with new components and accessories.

4. Days and nights full of comradery, fantastic cuisine, and even live music to add to the festivities.

Acres of adventure at the RawHyde ranch.

I had the opportunity to teach a class on satellite communications to a very receptive audience and to demo the newest satellite communications equipment such as the Hughes 9202 BGAN terminal, which is the most compact and versatile satellite internet hotspot available as well as the feature-loaded Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phone, which provides coverage anywhere on the earth’s surface and has built in GPS position reporting as well as an SOS button. Both are very essential tools when travelling off of the beaten path and allow you go anywhere while staying connected.

Training Day-RawHyde style

As is to be expected, Jim Hyde and Co. pulled out all the stops for this event. If you weren’t able to make it this year, make sure to mark it on the calendar for next year.

Many thanks to Jim Hyde and staff and all of the vendors and partners that made Adventured Days 2012 such a great event. I look forward to seeing you at Adventure Days 2013!

See the Adventure Days website here:

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