Are you taking advantage of existing GPS technology for tracking and emergency messaging?

Most adventure travelers are well-versed in the world of GPS, but are you using this technology so that someone can track you while your are out trekking? This same technology could also help save you by sending a message to emergency response personnel that includes your GPS position.

A tracking portal, such as OTrak, is compatible with virtually any device that can send a GPS position report via SMS, email, or Short Burst Data (SBD). OTrak will receive the position report and place it on a map. It also allows you to set up automated alerts for multiple contacts with a variety of triggers including geofencing, start/stop, speed, and arrival/departure from a position.

Most current smartphones have built in GPS engines, however, when you are outside of cellular coverage areas, your only means of connecting is with a satellite phone. The designers of the new Iridium 9575 Extreme satellite phone included a powerful GPS feature that provides automated GPS position reporting and they also built in a SOS button that works off the same principle. When you push the SOS button, an emergency message is sent that includes your GPS position.

The important point here is to plan ahead and make sure you have a means to call for help when you are out as well as a means for someone to locate you. Current technology makes this capability that much easier and accessible.

You can see complete details and a live demo on OTrak here:

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