OCENS Software and Windows 8 compatibility

With Windows 8 now being on the market for several months, it is understandable to wonder if OCENS software will work without compatibilties issues  on Windows 8. This article is aimed to make known that the only bone of contention found when using OCENS software with Windows 8 is due to the Windows 8 driver signature enforcement, a new implementation by Microsoft aim against bad drivers installation

OCENS customers will bump into this signature enforcement barrier when trying to install the drivers related to their specific comunication systems (Satellite devices). Following are the steps to take to resolve this issue.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8
How to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8

Windows 8 by default will not let you install unsigned drivers. In order to install an unsigned driver, you can follow the steps shown below to start Windows 8 in “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” mode.

Move the cursor over the top or bottom right corner or the screen and it will show extra options on the right side of the screen (This is the new Charm Bar in Windows 8).

Choose the Settings option (icon looks like a Gear).

Choose “Change PC settings” option

Choose “General”

Choose the “Restart now” from the bottom of the list on the right

Click “Troubleshoot”

 Click “Advanced options”

Click “Startup Settings

Choose “Restart”

Choose the “Disable driver signature enforcement” option

Once Windows restarts you will be able to continue and install your satellite phone device drivers.