Mandatory Isatphone Pro firmware update

All IsatPhone Pro users must ensure that they update their firmware to version v 5.3.0 before network enhancements are carried out in early 2014.

Features introduced in firmware v 5.3.0 are vitally important for continued use of the IsatPhone Pro service, and users who have not upgraded to the new firmware by the time network enhancements take place, will not be able to register on the network to make or receive calls.

The network enhancements are scheduled to take place on the following dates:

13th January – I-4 Alphasat (EMEA)
27th January – I-4 F3 (Asia-Pacific)
10th February – I-4 F1 (Americas)

No service outages are expected during the network changes.

Firmware version v 5.3.0 is available for download from the Support section of the Inmarsat website:

To check what version your Ph has please do the following: Menu +> Settings +> About +> Firmware needs to be 5.3.0



OCENS Software and Windows 8 compatibility

With Windows 8 now being on the market for several months, it is understandable to wonder if OCENS software will work without compatibilties issues  on Windows 8. This article is aimed to make known that the only bone of contention found when using OCENS software with Windows 8 is due to the Windows 8 driver signature enforcement, a new implementation by Microsoft aim against bad drivers installation

OCENS customers will bump into this signature enforcement barrier when trying to install the drivers related to their specific comunication systems (Satellite devices). Following are the steps to take to resolve this issue.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement in Windows 8
How to install an unsigned driver on Windows 8

Windows 8 by default will not let you install unsigned drivers. In order to install an unsigned driver, you can follow the steps shown below to start Windows 8 in “Disable Driver Signature Enforcement” mode.

Move the cursor over the top or bottom right corner or the screen and it will show extra options on the right side of the screen (This is the new Charm Bar in Windows 8).

Choose the Settings option (icon looks like a Gear).

Choose “Change PC settings” option

Choose “General”

Choose the “Restart now” from the bottom of the list on the right

Click “Troubleshoot”

 Click “Advanced options”

Click “Startup Settings

Choose “Restart”

Choose the “Disable driver signature enforcement” option

Once Windows restarts you will be able to continue and install your satellite phone device drivers.

Portal Mode the best feature in the new WeatherNet 3 software

With the new release of WeatherNet 3 back in June, OCENS software developers created some new features with the aspiration of making WeatherNet 3 with an intuitive interface that is convenient and powerful. One of these new features is the Portal Mode: a new means of using WeatherNet that integrates a handful of functions to create a seamless experience.

The thoughts behind the Portal Mode feature are to make the requests of WeatherNet product files more accessible with the click of a button, along with being able to update WeatherNet product files based on the user’s Wizard selections and current geographic location whether or not WeatherNet 3 is linked to a GPS. (GPS integration is another new feature of WeatherNet 3)

Of the three main modes  of  WeatherNet 3 (Basic, Library, and Portal), Portal mode is the most robust due to its ability to identify, acquire, and update new products relative to the user’s wizard selection and current location. Portal mode provides quick access to just the data you want without losing access to the immense storehouse of weather and ocean products which is the WeatherNet library.

The Portal mode building blocks are:

1)- The Launch Wizard button (in the upper left corner) which links  the user to the new Content Wizard in order to select  the type of weather files they are interested . The Content Wizard provides pages of content based on the different types of weather data: like GRIB data, weather charts, text weather forecasts, etc. that make up the WeatherNet 3 weather product list.

2)- Buttons (across the top of the screen) that link to specific pages of content in the Content Wizard to allow the user to revise their weather product selection or focus on just one or two types of products of particular interest to them

3)- The Content List (also called the Content Tree; on the left edge of the Portal mode screen) is a list of all the weather products selected by the wizard based on the user’s weather interests and geographic location.  Because it is the Wizard’s function to identify all weather products relevant to the user’s interests and location, we recommend that you check the Content List after finishing the Content Wizard to fine tune your selection and make sure that only the files you need are selected before hitting the download button.

4)- The Refresh List button (under the Content List)  will update the Content List based on movements in the Map area.

5)- The Re-Center & Reload Map button (at the base of the screen) is useful if the WeatherNet software is linked to a GPS. Clicking the Re-Center & Reload Map button will re-center the map to the user’s present geographic location and refresh the Content List relative to this updated location and the user’s wizard selections.

What makes the Portal Mode the best feature in the new WeatherNet 3 ?                 Portal mode heightens WeatherNet 3 functionality by using its ability to dig and inquire into the WeatherNet file database. It does that by using as a reference the user’s interest selection and current location to provide a set of suggested products that matches user criteria.

For a visual instruction about the Portal Mode on WeatherNet 3 click on this link